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We have multiple companies, each with its own data source. We didn’t have a centralized place to get data across all companies. New Vision came recommended to us by a trusted source that had experienced their delivery of a data warehouse for a company that had a similar model to ours. Their experience, proven ability to deliver, and a full offshore model were key to us. Given we were starting at the beginning of Covid, having a team that was already used to delivering being fully remote was very appealing. The team that New Vision put together was well-balanced in their skills and were good communicators. They were all committed to delivering a good product.

Our data warehouse is in production for 6 companies, with multiple dashboards. We have premium/commission, sales data (submit/quote/bind), and claims data at our fingertips. Having one place to go to see production data is a big win for us, I would recommend New Vision as they have a solid leadership team who will listen to your needs as well as stay informed during the full project and respond to any questions or demands. They run projects with solid project managers and then get the right technical staff on board at the right times in the project. They ‘flex’ their teams to make them efficient.

VP of Operations

U.S based Insurance company

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