A US Based Specialist Insurance leader develops MGA Administration & Succession platform

The Business Issue

Our customer is a leading insurance provider company built to partner and acquires Managing General Agencies (MGA’s). The customer’s business issue was to have a single interface that provided: –

  1. Business Insights, Decision Making
  2. Data Consolidation at Corporate Level.
  3. Employee Data Self-Serve
  4. Enterprise Transparency & Accountability
  5. Smarter than the Carriers
  6. Foundation for Analytics
  7. One Version of the Truth
  8. Increased Business Value- Equity Partner

The Solution

  1. We developed the solution using Microsoft Azure, Azure Data Factory, SQL Server & PowerBI
  2. Build a data warehouse to fetch the data from different sources like CSV file, excel file, flat file, SQL, NoSQL, CRM data
  3. Build cloud-native solutions on Azure.
  4. Currently onboarded 8 MGA’s, Each MGA is having more than 200 GB data and architecture is flexible to onboard 100+ MGA


  1. Could make the entire solution scalable by moving to the cloud
  2. Consolidated data for all existing group companies in a centralized warehouse
  3. Derive intelligence from data and fine-tune offerings for best distribution to MGAs inline market needs by geography

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