A US based Homeowners Association Management Solution

The Business Issue

The customer is the first internet-based association management system with integrated accounting, which provides software for homeowner associations. Their business issues were :

  1. To create a mobile application for homeowners in parallel to Web Portal for self-services
  2. Change in the process of report generation i.e., converting the crystal reports to SSRS reports.
  3. Improvise the UI of Accounting Integrator Partner Portal
  4. Perform Security and Vulnerability task

The Solution

  1. Created Homeowner and Board App in parallel to CINC Web Axis Portal
  2. Pushed mobile application for 2 customers on App Store and Play store
  3. Onboarded 6 customers on the mobile app
  4. Inline queries were converted to store procedures, Credentials Management, Cross-Site Scripting
  5. Converting the process of report generation from Crystal report to SSRS reports


  1. Improved the portal user interface from their legacy system to the new system
  2. Mobile Application with good customer acceptance
  3. Improved quality of Reporting

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