A US Based global Event Management leader scales up their SaaS based end-to-end Event Management Solution

The Business Issue

Customer is a US-based global leader in data-driven, end-to-end event and meeting management solutions. Expertise in virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Their business issues were:

  1. Render the SaaS Application to be universally available and scalable to accommodate multiple, big events running simultaneously.
  2. Enhance customer experience.
  3. Upgrade the design from a monolithic solution to a much better scalable and manageable architecture.

The Solution

  1. The solution was based on Amazon Elastic Compute & Container Svc. Lambda, AWS IVS for interactive video, Route53, Athena, AWS Faregate.
  2. Assisted to fine-tune the AWS infrastructure and made it robust, highly available and scalable.
  3. Implemented robust DevOps process to take preventing action to avoid potential failures.
  4. Implementation is hosted on 500+ servers running on AWS.


  1. Award-winning SaaS platform.
  2. Virtual technology enabling 40,000 event professionals to plan, promote, deliver, measure and optimize over 90,000 events annually.
  3. Has delivered customer events in over 120 countries.

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