A niche start-up patented IOT and Blockchain based Smart Building solution for Energy conservation

The Business Issue

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. End to end Solution security
  3. Reliable uptime of the solution to ensure Brand reputation is protected at all costs.
  4. Ensure large volume of devices connected using IoT solution for smart & secure communication

The Solution

  1. Azure based Multi-tenant SaaS platform, Azure IOT
  2. NodeJS 8.5 migration to NestJS framework
  3. Front-end application on Angular and Bootstrap HTML, to make their entire User Experience more responsive and intuitive.
  4. Blockchain security mechanism (Block Lock) and their Ledger system in a multi-tenant format


  1. Developed and implemented a solution that reduced electricity cost by 28%.
  2. It has a central operating console for large organizations multiple location and multiple buildings.
  3. Highly secured blockchain based secured solution.
  4. Capable to handle 1Mn events/ device / day

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