A leading vision care Practice management company builds Data Warehouse and Analytics to provide Practice administrative services solutions to its customers

The Business Issue

  1. Build a data warehouse comprising of data from multiple practices EMR/EHR systems.
  2. Reports/Dashboard for management team/stakeholders to visualize consolidated data across all practices.
  3. Comparative analysis of data across various practices by Doctors, Locations, Insurance Payer, CPT Codes.
  4. Financial data to be collected from MS Dynamics.

The Solution

  1. For NextGen (NEP, SEC, RCN Practices) EMR systems, data was collected from files provided by their vendor.
  2. Designed a reverse engineering model for New Eyes (EMR System) to fetch data directly from the SQL database.
  3. Practice data was collected, converted into a common format and loaded into DWH.
  4. The design was made simple and dynamic so that a new practice can be added with a simple process.


  1. Intelligent dashboards and reports made available to stakeholders for analysis & sound decision making resulting
  2. Enabled proactive Business management

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