A Geo Spatial Solution using Microlocation technology for Logistics, Transportation & Material handling industries

The Business Issue

Our customer is a leading provider of Micro Location Technology Platform in Logistics, Material Handling, Transportation, Research & Education Industries. Their business issues were:

  1. To build an interactive web-based solution to provision, monitor, analyze and control automated motor vehicles, staff interaction and forklifts.
  2. Add features to enable better fleet and workforce utilization, through mobile asset tracking.

The Solution

  1. The solution was based on Microservice architecture Netflix OSS; Technologies used are Java 8, Spring Boot, Maven, JPA, Postgresql, Redis, Bootstrap 4, Angular 6, Rabbit MQ, Liquibase, ELK, Docker. Micro location, Industry 4.0, Industrial IOT, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Indoor, Localization using UWB technology, Smart Factory, LBS, Factory of the future.
  2. The team conducted a comprehensive Discovery phase to collect environment profile data and customer’s exact requirements & Impact analysis.
  3. Solution visualization exercise was done to get a feel of the ‘would-be solution’.
  4. NV Team followed an AGILE/SCRUM methodology to quickly build MVP (Minimal Viable Product) which enabled the customer to quickly take the overall solution to the market.


  1. The developed application enabled users to Plan, Deploy & Monitor a site/field where robots could navigate autonomously with the seamless operation- both indoors & outdoors, irrespective of the weather conditions.
  2. It provided a single place to install, manage & monitor the entire site by locating workers and robots to absolute precision.
  3. The customer could also integrate better work scheduling, Operator coordination and safety with the Fleet Management System.

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