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Core Values

Our core values stand strong on a 5 pillar model, ingrained in our life philosophy.



We’ve created a work environment where each person is valued for potential and is empowered to fulfil it. We consciously help each other find the balance to be our personal and professional bests, while never missing a chance to laugh and celebrate together.

We are OPEN

We are passionate about learning, improvement & innovation. By being open, we find strength in our differences, learn from our challenges, and prepare ourselves to take risks.


Our corporate citizenship is guided by Integrity, honesty, and resourcefulness. Our actions are always in the best interests of our team, our customers, our stakeholders, and our community.


Customer-centric, accountable, and outcome-focused. We are here for our customers, walking the extra mile because they trust us to find solutions that will deliver exceptional results.


Agile, adaptive, curious, and always on the move forward – we’re constantly pushing ourselves to find better solutions and finding our best along the way.


Here, we build your career in two ways – firstly, by giving you a challenging environment, where you can move laterally and upwards to different roles. Secondly, we provide you an ecosystem where learning is encouraged, and your training and certifications are sponsored by us.

Ours is a philosophy of making you wealthy – by helping you find fulfilment at work, giving you a culture where health is rewarded, and rewarding you with above market value compensation and a unique growth plan.

Over the challenging pandemic, we turned adversity into opportunity, having almost doubled our team size since. With all our practices like BPM, Cloud etc. operating as their own business units, we plan to grow multi-fold in the next
five years.

"Hello Everyone, this is Deb, I am working as a Pega Practice Head in NV since 2020 August, the most I liked is transparency, believe and freedom what they have given me during my tenure after I joined NV we all had a dream in our engagement and the most exciting part is that we actually converted the dream into a reality. We celebrate together and it’s a great place to work and I would definitely recommend my friends, my colleagues whoever wants to build a career NV is the right place to be. I hope we all be successful; we all grow together and we all create a successful journey for all of us. Thank you."

Debapriya Brahma

Designation : Pega Practice Head
"Hey Guys, I am Pradeep Sen the delivery head of NewVision as we call NV and I over see the ODC at Bhopal and as well as multiple projects and programs. The best part of NV if you ask me will be once you come in it’s a family its our second home, every member in this family is ready to mix with you, welcome you and a very open heart but they are also there to help you in any, any part of your work, while your doing it, so its not only work but on above work also.It’s a place where any one can come and flourish, I will always like to welcome people who want to start the career or want come and grow their career share, so it’s the fantastic place with fantastic leadership who will always give you the opportunity to shine and progress ahead in your career. Looking forward to have more family members in our NV group and all the best thank you."

Pradeep Sen

Designation : Delivery Head
"Hi, My Name is Akram Shaikh. I am working in NewVision as a Senior Software Engineer. After 4 years of journey with one of the top leading MNCs, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take on a challenge. I joined the NewVision family in 2018. It was not easy for me to step out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to learn, grow, challenge myself and soar higher in my life. My primary role as a Database Developer. But Kapil, Balan, and Anupriya helped me to realize my true potential and offered me many opportunities to try out. Various roles such as Database Designer, Solution Architecture, and Application Architecture and tasks were helping me to identify where I would go next in my career. This was the exciting part of my job that doing things that haven’t been done before. I have completed three years in this organization, and I have grown not only as a professional but also as a person. NewVision has strong encouragement for folks with lower experience to grow into roles if you have enough talent. NewVision has a good work culture and environment, resource management, technical education as compared to other organizations. I stayed on my career path because I love a challenge, adventure, work, and people and because NewVision offers one of the most collaborative cultures I've experienced."

Akram Shaikh

Designation : Senior Software Engineer
"Hi I am Shashank Solanki, My overall experience with NewVision throughout the last 5 years of working here has been awesome. I joined NewVision as a fresher back in 2016, since then I have learned and acquired some wonderful skills which helped me shape my professional career. When I look back in the past, I can see there is a remarkable difference as compared to the present both in personal and professional life. Overall, it's a great work environment, where people are productive and genuinely enjoy being here."

Shashank Solanki

Designation : Senior Software Engineer
"Hi my name is Bhagyashree Pendam & I take care of customer success at NewVision. I have joined NewVision 8 months back and my experience here has been amazing! The thing I love the most, about working here is having a great work-life balance and initiatives like wellness, fun-Friday, team outings so that team has great team bonding. Training & Growth opportunities are here many. One thing that made my belief stronger in NewVision is that they take care of their employees very well. One day NV would be one of the top technology consulting firm in the world & I can see it. Thank you!"

Bhagyashree Pendam

Designation : Customer Success Manager
"Hi, I am Shubham Kedar, I joined New Vision as PMO Admin. Working with New Vision has been a wonderful experience. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on helping me to grow more. The work culture of New Vision is nurturing. The communication channel is open and frank. The entire team including team leads are always ready to help. For better balance in work and life, one can actively participate in many entertainment activities organized by the company. I truly feel blessed that I started working at such a great workplace like New Vision."

Shubham Kedar

Designation : PMO Admin
"Hi this is Hafeez, I joined NV as a senior UI/UX designer, The thing I like about NV is the opportunity to learn, develop and grow as an individual. The work culture at NV is really amazing, I would recommend my friends to be a part of NV as it is an employee-centric organization where each individual matters and is valued. I would describe it as a great place to work and grow. I am fortunate to be a part of the NV family."

Hafeez Siddique

Designation : UI/UX designer
"Hi I am Divya, I joined NewVision as a Senior HR executive, the most important thing I love being here is the versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks. Having a forward-thinking, supportive company that realizes employees as their team members and who are their greatest assets. Working collaboratively with people for successful outcomes. I love my job as everyone shares the same vision and purpose. In my career, I am sure of one thing that I want to build a decent career in my current domain. My present job has shown me a path to move and attain what has been my long-term objective. I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn and take on new challenging opportunities. I am treated here with respect, given daily encouragement and I feel valued. NV culture and working environment really make it a Great Place to Work."

Divya Vinayak

Designation : Senior HR Executive

Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping the Community that we operate in a vital responsibility & a mandatory annual Business KPI at NewVision. Our focus with CSR has extended to helping communities with bigger challenges such as during the current COVID pandemic.


PM Relief Fund

To help the nation fight the war against Coronavirus, we successfully raised Rs. 402,172 towards the PM  relief fund. We matched all team members contribution with an equal amount from NewVision to double it.



The free app developed by NewVision Software for housing society to capture accurate health data easily is a great tool for the covid warriors. Everything is done on mobile & generates a report with basic current information. This information can be used by government healthcare covid warriors. This will enable them to plan the testing for residents better.

Fun at NewVision

Fun at NewVision
One Day Hike & Trek to Andharbhan Forest

Alas !!! what a day it was, when we had an amazing time in the travel to Andharban Forest with some amazing music on the bus and a dance by great heroes and heroines of Newvision and Clousynapps, played antakshari together and laughed on some of biggest PJs of the day... Read More


We at NewVision are constantly striving to be wayfinders, but do it in a way where we all win together. It’s important for us to sustain a culture full of curious people who are constantly learning and challenging the status quo, and where living a healthy life is rewarded.

Because we believe in creating a Life Positive environment, everyone is nurtured to become the best version of themselves. We encourage each other’s hobbies, so we can bring our outside experiences back to work.

Our Job Openings

At NewVision we grow, lead, innovate, support, challenge & inspire each other every day. Connecting industries, people, and platforms globally. We ensure that our people get all the support needed to help find solutions to any challenge.

Talk to a peer

Talk to a current employee to know more about NewVision. Just book a session with them, basis your choice of level and department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At NewVision, we prioritize the personal & professional development of all team members. All team members participate in a structured, customized L&D (Learning & Development) goal setting & growth monitoring process. This is discussed in monthly 1:1 and annual performance review sessions.
  • We sponsor training & certification costs 100%. The team member does not have to incur expenses on their own development at NewVision.
  • Team members who show interest in alternate skills/roles, we welcome it. We have them re-evaluated for those roles, develop them and allow them to shift departments based on their passion.
  • Language Enhancement Programme
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Job-Specific Technical Skills Training & certifications
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Health and Fitness initiatives
  • Weekly fun events
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Continuous communications platform where employees can directly learn from Top Leadership
  • Fortnightly Competitions, Monthly Recognitions, and Annual Events. Long Service awards and Annual Golden Awards are part of the events that happen regularly.
  • Project Delivery Incentives.
  • Lead Generation, Business Development, and Sales Incentives
  • Competitive CTC with variable pay-outs
  • Medical and Health Benefits
  • Performance Incentives
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Internal Job switching opportunities
  • Participation in internal competitions and related rewards
  • Work-Life Balance activities
  • Team community service opportunities – CSR

NewVision Events

NVPL Cricket Tournament - 2022
NVPL Cricket Tournament - 2022

2022 was an exciting year for NewVision. We opened our Bhopal, Pune, and Hyderabad offices and welcomed our old and new employees back.

However, after working remotely for almost two years, we lost touch... Read Mo re