Why Move Existing ERP Applications To Oracle Cloud?

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If you are looking forward to reducing costs and improving agility for better efficiency, you cannot operate with a conventional approach and systems. You need solutions that usher innovation in your business and create value for it. Moving existing ERP applications to Oracle Cloud signifies a promising way to lower costs, relieve resources, and focus on creating value, rather than exhausting resources in managing the infrastructure.

Accordingly, New Vision Software, the trustworthy and leading Oracle partner in utilities and ERP implementation, explains why moving ERP applications to Oracle Cloud is beneficial in the long run, and yields better RoI.

5 Benefits of Moving ERP Application to Oracle Cloud

Optimized efficiency, performance, and security are the three factors around which the benefits of moving to Oracle cloud revolve. Let us look at each of these benefits.

  1. Optimized Database Performance: Oracle databases operate up to 7.8 times faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) than the leading cloud providers.
  2. Reduced Costs and Enhanced Transparency: OCI enables companies to reduce their infrastructure costs by 34% when compared with leading enterprise workloads. Besides, there are no hidden costs, and the pricing too remains simple, predictable, and flexible, owing to Universal Credits. These factors result in controlling IT investments in the long run.
  3. High Performance for Enterprise Applications: With bare metal instances, OCI augments the performance of existing Enterprise Applications and makes it predictable. Additionally, you also enjoy high performance regarding storage resources and the network.
  4. Comprehensive and Integrated Cloud: Moving existing ERP applications to Oracle Cloud helps you use Oracle’s comprehensive SaaS and PaaS offerings. It helps you leverage the benefits of SaaS and PaaS such as reduced Go-To-Market-Time, reduced costs, scalable, and ease of use.
  5. Security Assurance: Compute and network isolation ensures data security. Additionally, compartment capabilities and identity and access management and audit increase visibility and control over ERP deployments.

About New Vision Software – The Leading Oracle ERP Implementation Company

NewVision Software is a premier company involved in building enterprise resources planning systems and solutions for companies across various business domains in various countries.

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NewVision Software is a specialist company in Oracle application integration. It leverages the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) and ensures Oracle Governance Risk and Compliance to deliver the best, efficient, and most compliant Oracle application integration solutions.

With presence and working relationships across several countries, including India, the United States, Europe, Gulf, and the Middle East, New Vision Software works as a global technology partner for your company, helping you augment organizational efficiency and also optimize your IT returns in the long run. For more details, write to write to contact@newvision-software.com

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