How Savings on Utility Expenses is Proving a Boon, Companies are Saving an Average 8-10% Overall.

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Utility costs constitute a significant aspect of every business, as annually companies spend millions, Despite the high costs, companies do very little on exercising control over these spend and, at the same time, ensuring optimal efficiency. New-age utility challenges require technology and technology providers that empower utility providers with digital solutions that foster efficiency and control costs.

NewVision Software, being a leading Oracle service utilities implementation partner, proves a sustainable technology partner for all utility technology-related consulting and implementations. With its extensive experience and evolved expertise across the utility sector, the company has helped many public and private sector utility companies develop a digital vision and engineer new and improved methods of implementation. Here’s more about how the company is helping utility consumers save on utility costs.

Utility related Services Implementation

NewVision is Oracle’s official partner for implementing and integrating its utility solutions and products. It helps utility businesses step out of the conventional approach and enables them to embrace technology, develop and build a digital vision, develop innovative products, evolve the core business, and pave the way to comprehensive digital transformation.

Customers, major challenges in the utility sector these days are high utility costs and inefficiencies at the service provider’s end. NewVision believes in empowering the entire ecosystem for service providers and consumers to leverage Oracle’s innovative utility solutions and couples it with the structured approach in delivering results as a packaged solution for end-users.

Utility related technology Implementation Advantage

As a utility company, partnering with NewVision’s software will leverage you to get quantifiable implementation advantages, other integrations, and their customer IP accelerators from the following products:

  • Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)
  • Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B)
  • Oracle Field Service (OFS)
  • Work and Asset Management (WAM)
  • Oracle Utilities Meter to Cash (C2M)
  • Smart Grid Gateway (SGG)
  • Service Order Management (SOM)
  • Oracle Utility Analytics (OUA)
  • Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM)

NewVision’s comprehensive team comprises technical domain experts (gas, water, electricity) Senior Developers, CC&B Functional Experts, CC&B Technical Architects, QA Test Leads, and QA Testers. The team works as an efficient and sustainable Oracle Service Utilities Implementation Partner to ensure the most efficient, enabling, and empowering implementation of Oracle services for utility services.

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